“As the weather turns colder, heat things up a bit with the explosions, shoot outs and action that Bell has created in his latest book, Patriot.” 

Looking for the perfect gift  this holiday for the adventure loving guy (or gal) in your life?

Professional book reviewer BLACK DOG SPEAKS recently wrote about New York Time’s Best Selling novel PATRIOT and here’s an excerpt of what she had to say.


“The only book I’ve read that can keep the epic pace and pulse of modern day action movies like James Bond and the Bourne trilogy, Patriot  will send you across the globe in search of foreign motives and terror plots as a dangerous killer picks off members of the elite class of spies, one by one. Ted Bell has gifted action lovers with a riveting and creative plot that will have you flipping pages right up until the very end.  From cover to cover, this is one hell of a story.  Filled with larger than life characters and a plot so crazy, you might just think it could be real, Patriot is worth every penny. Lorde Alex Hawke, British spy and one of the wealthier bachelors in the world embarks on a dual mission – to avenge the deaths of his close friends and allies, and to save the world from Putin and his diabolical scheme to bring Russia back to its full might. As one might expect, when the US, Britain and Russia are involved on the world stage, anything can happen.  When America is acquiescing to seemingly every terrorist and Russia is staving off starvation as it reaches for greatness, one man, and his network of friends work tirelessly behind the veil of secrecy to keep the world from exploding.

Not your average spy novel, Patriot holds its own among the greats and will hold your attention from cover to cover.  As the weather turns colder, heat things up a bit with the explosions, shoot outs and action that Bell has created in his latest book, Patriot.”

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Full review from Black Dog Speaks here: http://www.blackdogspeaks.com/tag/the-patriot-by-ted-bell/


WND Reviews ‘Patriot’

Seeing something like this makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to all of you for your unwavering support.

Here at the Writer’s Bloc, we don’t normally review fiction, preferring to be oh-so-choosy. There’s a lot of fiction out there, and not so much of it is, well, good.

Boy, are we glad Ted Bell’s new novel, “Patriot,” crossed our desk. Really glad. Bell delivers another terrific effort, which seems not so much an effort for a writer of his talent. He gives us a character that remains memorable, long after you put the book down.

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‘Patriot’ Reviewed in the New York Times

Dear Friends:

This Sunday Morning brought something all writers dream of: A Review in the NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW. I am very proud to find myself among the hallowed pages I’ve been cherishing for a lifetime. Patriot was one of seven novels picked for the NY Times’ Fall Thriller Round-up. Dreams do come true.

Keep the faith.–Ted

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Ted Bell’s PATRIOT (Morrow/HarperCollins, $27.99) is the ninth in his Alex Hawke series — and the only one I’ve read — but it felt like a perfect entry point, and I enjoyed the high-octane ride enough that I’ll seek out some of the earlier installments.
Hawke, as Bell repeatedly reminds us, is the sixth-­richest man in England. He’s also an MI6 troublemaker. He loves Bermudian rum and American cigarettes. He stays cool in a fight and in the torture chamber. He has a yacht, a loyal butler he trades quips with and a sprawling vacation pad in the Caribbean. If it’s not already clear, let me spell it out for you: This novel is a lot of fun, an Ian Fleming-esque romp of a spy thriller.
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