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Alex Hawke is on the hunt…

In this exhilarating tale of international suspense, New York Times bestsellingauthor Ted Bell’s “larger-than-life hero” (Publishers Weekly), counterterrorist operative Alexander Hawke, must save the United States from a devastating terrorist operation.

When a mysterious explosion destroys his research vessel in search of a lost river, Alex Hawke is captured indigenous cannibals and enslaved deep within the Amazonian jungle. Before he escapes, he learns that a fearsome foe is preparingfor war – but against whom?

When he regains contact with his American and British intelligence counterparts,Alex’s worst fears are confirmed. The men in the jungle are highly trained Hezbollah warriors who are planning an unspeakably violent jihad against America. While the United States focuses its efforts on the escalating borderdisputes with Mexico, Alex vos to put a stop to the deadly plot. Aware that hismission may be the country’s only hope, he travels back into the jungle to destroy the lawless mastermind who dares to threaten America’s very existence.
Praise for Spy

“SPY reminds me of the best writing from Ludlum, Clancy and Steven King—all rolled up into one amazing story. In fact, Ted Bell is now the writer I compare all others to—he is now the standard bearer for this kind of writing. And what is truly amazing is how Ted makes you believe that the events in SPY could happen…TODAY. SPY is riveting from page one.” —Glenn Beck, the Glenn beck Show, CNN

“. . . everything we want in an action hero.” —Booklist

“Outstanding.” – Lou Dobbs, CNN

“. . . a secret agent who takes you into the danger zone with a ballsy wit that had me hooked.” —Vince Flynn

“A plot that moves at breakneck speed . . . Spy is a great beach read [that] will not disappoint.”
—Richmond Times-Dispatch

“I’ve become hooked on the Alex Hawke series written by Ted Bell. I mentioned that I would soon be reading the 4th book in that series entitled Spy. And I told you I expected it to be great. I was wrong. It was fabulous! Bell continues to draw me in with stories that hit so close to home. There is such a great note of truth to them, that I cannot help but wonder if truth is stranger than fiction, or in this case, worse. Spy tells the story of America at war with terrorists. Not just any terrorists. Yes, he includes the extremists that have attacked our country repeatedly from across the oceans. But he brings the war closer to home, with a story of terrorists from South American countries including Mexico and Brazil. This new breed of terrorist bring with them a technology so new, I admit I was not quite sure I knew where he was going with the story. In the end, my initial assumption was correct, but the thought that this technology really exists is frightening. I will close here with an adamant “READ THIS SERIES.” It still remains the next great read.
—Nicky Reynolds, The Next Good Read