About Ted

Sometimes, if you get very, very lucky, you get to do exactly what you wanted to do when you were just a kid. For me, that was writing. Writing stories, long and short. In the back seat of the old station wagon with the windows rolled up against the noise of siblings and neighborhood kids.

Read nonstop.

The professional writer’s life began after a long mostly happy sojourn in the jet lag jungles of international advertising. I grew up in Florida, went to a small college in Virginia and majored in English. The school’s unofficial motto was ‘We can’t all be scholars, but we can all be gentlemen.’

After graduation, I worked for exactly 365 days in a bank (don’t ask) and really, really disliked it. Later, I moved to Europe to be a writer, but mostly just to emulate Scott Fitzgerald who was and, I guess, is, my lifelong idol. I bounced around Italy, France, and in Rome, got cast as a cowboy in a spaghetti western that never got made, ran out of money and ideas at roughly the same time, got a job at a big New York ad agency. My career took me places: I lived in New York, Chicago, London and more. I ended up being Chairman, Worldwide Creative Director of the world’s largest adverting agency, Young & Rubicam. Pretty good gravy, in my view. In England, I wrote a young adult adventure novel called NICK OF TIME. Followed by THE TIME PIRATE, and still my favorite books of mine.

TSAR my sixth novel, hit #5 on the New York Times Bestseller List. WARLORD and PHANTOM got up there, too. WARRIORS will be published April 1st, 2014. I’m now a full-time author living on the rim of the Pacific amidst the splendors of northern California. My window overlooks the little bay at Sausalito and the sight of sailboats riding their moorings never fails to enchant me.

I cannot imagine how life could be any better and for that I feel truly blessed.